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Dr. Andrew Sokolsky, D.C. has been in private practice in San Francisco since 1987. He has taught Human Anatomy at San Francisco State University, and Philosophy and Practice at Palmer West College of Chiropractic.

Over the course of his adult life, he put on 120 pounds to go from the 180 pounds that he weighed in high school, to a high of 300 pounds. His decision to lose weight led him to create THE SOKOLSKY PLAN. His goal was to get back to his high school weight and then to live his life between 180 and 190 pounds, which he considers a comfortable and healthy weight for his size and age.

Dr. Sokolsky was driven to design a plan that would be as easy as possible to do, so that he would never be hungry, would enjoy what he ate, would be healthy and satisfied, would have predictable, measurable results, and wouldn’t have to resort to pills or surgery. He also wanted to take into account his age and physical limitations, so he created a plan that would incorporate exercise that most everyone could do.

After losing one hundred pounds he started teaching his method through seminars, and then created DVDs and a comprehensive companion manual that he gives to all his private clients.

He prides himself on dealing effectively with the challenges
overweight people face, and is sensitive to these challenges because he experiences them every day in his own life. Through his one-on-one coaching program, seminars, DVDs and companion manual, he supports people in losing weight healthfully and intelligently, and keeping weight off permanently.

Dr. Sokolsky invites you to find out more about his program by contacting his office and scheduling a complimentary thirty-minute consultation.