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professional testimonials

"I have known Andrew Sokolsky, D.C. for over thirty years and judge him to be an honorable and trustworthy man. I have seen him lose 120 pounds and maintain his weight loss, with a program he designed for himself and now teaches to his clients. I recommend his program for those who want to lose weight intelligently and healthfully. His program is based on the science of weight loss, and addresses the emotional, mental and physical aspects of overeating. I would recommend his program for my patients, and for those who want to lose weight healthfully and permanently."

Dr. Peter Pollat, M.D.
Medical Doctor
San Francisco, CA

"I have known Dr. Sokolsky for over twenty years. His integrity and commitment to his patients is truly exceptional. I had a number of patients who continued to struggle with health and weight issues even after trying traditional weight-loss systems such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. They were discouraged and expressed a reluctance to try yet another method of weight loss.

However, after meeting Dr. Sokolsky they became enthusiastic and inspired because his method is founded on long term and realistic lifestyle changes that are achievable for almost everyone. Each of these patients has shared with me that his program works and produces lasting results, while allowing enough choices to fully enjoy one's life. I would encourage anyone who desires a lasting and healthier path to weight loss to speak with Dr. Sokolsky to see how your life can truly change."

Dr. Leonard Stein, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic
San Francisco, CA


"Having known Dr. Sokolsky for over thirty years I know that he approaches his work with integrity and expertise. Having struggled with his own weight he brings an experiential knowledge to the myriad issues of weight loss (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual). He brings a unique empathy and enthusiasm to the program he has developed. Anyone who has weight issues knows how difficult it is to alter old habits and self-judgments, and how challenging it is to establish new and healthier behaviors and perspectives. Dr. Sokolsky offers something different by way of his unique weight-loss program, offering what has enabled him to succeed where so many others have failed. I have referred my clients to Dr. Sokolsky and will continue to do so, knowing they will have an excellent chance of achieving their goals."

Dr. Randall Alifano, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Ordained Minister
San Rafael, CA

"I decided to do The Sokolsky Plan for myself, and am most thankful to Dr. Sokolsky for his “tell it like it is, no nonsense” approach to losing weight. He has taken all the mystery of diet, exercise, and mental roadblocks and made it simple to understand. Most importantly, he made it applicable. Who better to learn from, I believe, than from the doctor who created the plan that allowed him to lose 120 pounds and maintain his weight loss.

I was 265 pounds and lost 65 pounds over a nine-month period! I also reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol, and gained energy and confidence. I never felt hungry or starved, and I could eat anything I wanted. At times when I experienced being anxious, the manual and DVDs offered real solutions. I was age 44 when I started The Sokolsky Plan, and for the first time in my life I got control of my eating. I am now 48 and admit to having gone back to some poor eating habits, which resulted in gaining 20 of the 65 pounds I had lost. However, I recently reviewed the DVDs and the manual, recommitted to what needs to be done, and have already lost 9 pounds in two weeks.

The beauty of this program is that the same approach that helps you lose the weight is the same approach used to maintain your goal weight. The plan works! If you have the desire to lose weight, I recommend this plan to help you do it safely, and to then keep it off for as long as you desire. I am forever grateful to Dr. Sokolsky for The Sokolsky Plan."

Dr. Don Schmolder, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic
Manhattan Beach, CA


"I have been a colleague of Dr. Sokolsky’s for over twenty years and know him to be a caring, gifted practitioner who treats his patients with the utmost dignity and respect.
Dr. Sokolsky is a dynamic teacher who inspires his patients to attain optimal wellness, by adhering to sensible guidelines for lasting weight loss. 
‘The Sokolsky Plan’ offers a unique, holistic approach to sustained weight loss. Unlike other plans, Dr. Sokolsky provides his patients with the tools they need to succeed for the long term, and addresses the often overlooked psychological reasons why patients struggle to lose weight and keep it off.    
Dr. Sokolsky’s intelligent guide to weight loss instills hope and confidence, and his program teaches how to achieve and maintain weight-loss goals. I highly recommend it to clients in my practice."

Karen Martin, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Los Altos, CA


"I am a licensed clinical social worker and substance abuse therapist and have been in practice for over thirty years. I became aware for The Sokolsky Plan several years ago and have introduced it to my patients with noteworthy success. The Sokolsky Plan has been instrumental in arresting their compulsive and self-destructive relationship with food. The plan works very well on its own, and can be done in conjunction with self-help programs such as Over Eaters Anonymous.

On a personal note, I have known Dr. Sokolsky for forty years. He is an innovative thinker who has always blended creativity with sensitivity for the human experience. It is not surprising to me that he founded this very practical application for a condition that plagues a significant number of people in our culture. The plan is user-friendly and can be adapted for people of all ages and from all walks of life."

Lewis Abrams, LCSW, CASAC
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Substance Abuse Specialist
NYC, New York

personal testimonials

“I have known Dr. Andrew Sokolsky for more than twenty years both professionally and as a chiropractic patient. Dr. Sokolsky has always taken steps to educate me on various health issues involving back care and has kept me aligned for twenty years now.
I had been struggling with a weight issue for several years now and had tried various diet plans that failed. Dr. Sokolsky mentioned that he had developed a weight loss-lifestyle change program. I began to notice on my weekly visits that he had dropped a considerable amount of weight, has kept it off for a sustained period, and still looks thin today.
So I decided to give his program a try. I must admit I was skeptical, but his program really worked, combining common sense, health and science, with emotional/coaching support. I began the program in January at 207 pounds and now weigh 160 pounds! Dr. Sokolsky has incorporated everything one could think of to succeed in this endeavor.
I feel good and not starved or deprived. My friends and colleagues have really noticed, and do mention how thin I now look. The program works and is designed to help you maintain the goal you have reached.”

Pacifica, California


“I felt very supported by the plan and by Andrew. All of his experience and knowledge and positivism was such a joy to have as a structure for my change of lifestyle and success!”

San Francisco, California


“Andrew was very supportive and knowledgeable. I found the information useful, and believe I learned some tools, concepts and knowledge that I'll be able to continue to use. I was able to mix Andrew's ideas about weight loss with what I already knew, and I know I will continue toward my ultimate goal weight. Thank You.”

Berkeley, California

“I’ve struggled with my weight for many years, trying every diet imaginable, but I was unable to keep the weight off. On The Sokolsky Plan, I learned that managing my weight was not about fad diets but about making lifelong changes. Andrew helped me to develop successful strategies for losing weight. The best part of his plan is that I don’t have to starve myself; I can eat many of the foods I enjoy. Since starting his plan, I’ve dropped two clothing sizes. I recently tossed out all my fat clothes! This has done wonders for my self-esteem and confidence. I now walk and carry myself differently. I feel extremely optimistic about the future. I know now that I’m in control, that I have the stamina and willpower to reach my goal weight.”
San Francisco, California


"I was enrolled in the Sokolsky Plan and found it very helpful.
The Sokolsky Plan is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand and apply. Given disciplined action by the individual it is not difficult to loose at lease one pound per week. The key is to follow the detailed plan and to be committed. I recommend the Sokolsky Plan to anyone who is serious about losing weight! "

San Francisco, California

"We were at my sister's house and I spoke with her son (who we got your DVDs for) and he has lost about 81 pounds! He said that he watched your DVDs many times and found them quite motivating. He is also exercising, which helps as well."

Los Altos, California